Ecommerce is growing in Bangladesh havening its potential . It is connecting the unconnected with web trade around the country. Its contribution in ICT industry in the way to address. Opportunity is huge to mention. Platform is require to flourish the sector. Need to address some issue that help the SME to do trade in online. Here we think about Emelabd, A platform to connect the unconnected with online trade.
About Us
Starting from 2013 Emelabd.net is a platform to connect those with internet who donot have the access of internet or don't know how to promote their product and service in internet or do e- commerce. It is a sister concern of The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh .we do create the website for those who don't have it and support the stocks and delivery for those who don't have it. During last one year and half we connect number of homemaker and small seller with internet. Now we have number of shops who are selling the ornaments ( made by mud) , jewelers, boutiques, terracotta , doll (made by hand), handmade showpiece, beauty parlor and many thing more. We also has the links who has already successfully running the ecommerce like ajker deal, akhoni.com etc. Right now we have number of women entrepreneurs to connect our site and selling their products using emelabd. Once the owner got benefit and make profit using this platform they are transforming into direct interaction with web like to have individual website to do the commerce.
Goal & Objective
Our objective is to promote and connect the small entrepreneurs we donot have the access of Internet or don't know the beauty of internet business with online. Finally promote them in to the global market. we also have the wings to help the SMEs to create website by their own providing training and basic education
Our vision
We are working to help and promote our product in to the world market where it has the demand. Our handicraft and cloths has a very good market in different country of the world. So we wanted to bring the buyer here using internet.
Branding Bangladesh and create market for our own cultural product and service in the globe.
Our Motto
Connect the unconnected with online business
Our Proposition
We have the best features, the most perfectly executed presentation, the most stunning price to offer in online. We are specified for not technical marketer to promote their service in online. And The marketers who does not has the opportunity and investment to connect with the web and ecommerce emelabd is a unique solution for that. Also we work for those who struggle to find return on investment in social media. our product is a web-based analytics solution including physical service that translates engagement metrics into actionable revenue metrics.

We also advice clients on the impact that new market trend, innovative ideas and total business solution on turnkey basis. The company serves some of the country’s largest ecommerce companies . we gather information on market segmentation , market growth and pricing, competitors and products. Our experts then interpret this data to produce detailed forecasts and actionable recommendation, helping its vendors create new business opportunities and idea. Because we work that matters for our buyer and vendors.
Our Service
Online buy & sell
Business promotion
Content development
Stock & inventory
Our vendor
E-Quals for web
IMESH for training
SSL for Payment gateway
Rally round for delivery & event
Techworld for advertisement and promotion
TechSolutions for Web
TechWorld And TechKids
Price: 50 TK
Price: 30 TK